What most commonly causes hair loss in men and women all the same is a diseases that is transmitted from generation to generation called alopecia, and this alopecia is such a common problem that this is the reason why men and women in whole families suffer from this hair loss.

In the case of women hair loss, and also in men, this alopecia can be easily treated, and it should not represent any problem as a matter of fact to revert its complications so that both men and women can keep their original hair, however, this is a problem treated with pills, and discipline is required when taking the medicaments.

Another problem that causes hair loss is the type or kind of nutrition a person has. It is commonly known there are needs to be a good percentage in nutrients in everyone’s diet, and these nutrients will always help a person sport a good looking and healthy set of hair, and lack of nutrients has its effect as well.

When a problem like women hair loss gets in the way, the smartest thing you can do is to check with your doctor, and have a really good evaluation performed in you so that a proper procedure is done for you to really be able to find a good cure or treatment for your problem.