Hair loss treatment can be many. For example, it all depends as there exist many differences between men and women. The most common causes regarding Hair loss in women can be, Minoxidil was originally introduced in the early 1970s as a treatment for hypertension. Minoxidil is in the class of treatments called Potassium Channel Openers that are used primarily for treating persons with high blood pressure. Although several potassium-channel openers have been used in research for many years, Minoxidil is the only approved one in this category of drugs for use in humans. Another hair loss treatment is antiandrogens for females, Anti androgen drugs used in medicine may be systemic or topical. Because systemic anti-androgens reduce circulating testosterone, which is required for normal male sexual functioning, their use in androgenetic alopecia is currently limited to women. A topical antiandrogen is administered by applying the compound to the surface of the skin, and appears to hold promise for treatment in men as well as women too.

In the web and in the market you have the option to look for hair loss treatment and search the best options for you and your special situation but, of course it depends on your doctor to select the best for you. For example other good option that you can use in hair loss in women is the Ketoconazole, Brand name Nizoral is actually a synthetic antifungal drug used to prevent and treat skin and fungal infections, especially in immuno compromised patients. The androgen lowering potential of high doses of Ketoconazole has led to its use in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. Formulated as a topical treatment, oral tablet and as a shampoo, the drug Ketoconazole is available with prescription. Branded Nizoral shampoo contains 2 percent Ketoconazole and is prescribed not only for the treatment of infectious fungal scalp conditions, but also in combination with other treatments for androgenetic alopecia. This is one of the best hair loss treatment.

You need to search products like Ketoconazole. However, it can cause a reduction in the production of testosterone and other androgens in the skin. A 1 percent version is available over-the-counter, but it may not be as effective as the 2 percent prescription strength. Like this hair loss treatment, you can find some others, but you always need the approbation of doctor too.

Hair loss in women can be devastating. The problems seem to be increasing every year. It is estimated that six out of ten women will suffer some loss. But maybe one thing that you need to know is that you can find many good options and hair loss treatments in the web and with a professional that can help you.

Sudden loss may not be painful or even dangerous in it, but for the six out of ten women who suffer from it at some point in their lives can find, marital break up, career problems, social isolation and even suicide has been known to follow in its wake looking for the best hair loss treatment for your special situation.